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Here are a couple of reminders.

​NPAS Calendar 2017-2018 Season

Date Night with NPAS - Saturday, February 17 6:30 PM Abita Quail Farm

Bring your closest friend to "Date Night with NPAS." Enjoy a full dinner at the Abita Quail Farm during which you will be serenaded by solos duets, trios and quartets from the NPAS ensemble. The dessert will be accompanied by a NPAS concert of love songs. Some of our favorite choral arrangements will be sung about the topic of love including Morten Lauriden's Dirait-on, The Beatles All You Need Is Love, Rene Clausen's Set Me As a Seal and Andrew Lloyd Webber's Love Changes Everything.

Revolutionaries of Rock-n-Roll - Friday, May 25 7:30 PM Greater Covington Center

Revolutionaries of Rock-n-Roll - Sunday, May 27 3:00 PM Greater Covington Center

Our final concert of the season features the founders of Rock-n-Roll including Fats Domino, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, Queen and many more. Favorite tunes from the times are Rock Around the Clock, Can't Help Falling in Love, Jailhouse Rock, Shake Rattle and Roll and many more.  


Concert Attire

Women: Women:  NPAS-specific black floor-length dress with matching over jacket.​ Black closed-toe shoes and black hose.
Men: Tuxedo. Black vest or cummerbund and black bow tie. Black shoes and socks.

A Singer’s Guide To Marking their Music

1. Number the measures.

2. Highlight your part IF you own your own music.

3. Circle notes or place an X above pitches or rhythms you miss or have difficulty with.

4. Write in any special accents, phrase markings, or dynamics given by the conductor during.

          + marks the peak of a phrase.

          < (accent) means to accent the note and then immediately decay.

          _ (tenuto) over a note means to length the note.

           (staccato) mean to shorten the note.

          ff=fortissimo = very loud
          pp=pianissimo = very soft
         mf=mezzo forte=medium loud
         mp=mezzo piano = medium soft

5. Write in where to breathe and where NOT to breathe.
          ͡    between two notes = no breath.
          |  between two notes = quarter note breath.
          √  between two notes = 8th note breath.
          ^  between two notes = lift.

6. If you are having difficulty finding a starting pitch, find where to get your pitch from and draw a line between that pitch and your starting pitch.

7. Write in descriptive words used by the conductor such as: tall, round, dark, lyric, light, open, etc.

8. Underline stressed syllables.

9. Circle consonants under notes for enunciation which need to be crisper and stronger.

10. Draw a line to show where the consonants actually occur.
                   Do         Not         Stand       With       Me

11. Use upward and downward arrows to indicate intonation issues.

12.Mark if the tempo is going to speed up or slow down.
                        Slowing is usually marked with “Ritard” and a squiggly line.~~~
                        Accelerating is usually marked with an arrowfoward.→→

*** There are many more elements of the music that can be marked, but it is best if you devise your own system. Write down what works for you and what YOU will remember.

                                              Membership Guidelines
The following membership guidelines maintain the highest standards of musicianship, performance artistry, and personal discipline:

          1. Acceptance of membership in NPAS implies a commitment to participate in all scheduled concerts unless personal circumstances prevent your participation.

          2.  Be present at every rehearsal. Missing singers are a problem to a choral ensemble. Even when an absence is prearranged, the group chemistry is changed and you are missed. Part of the ensembles' job is to work on their blending of voices, vowels, and intonation. When one member is absent it changes the entire dynamic of those efforts.
                 a. Members may not miss more than three of the scheduled Monday evening rehearsals (prior to the first dress rehearsal) in order to perform in upcoming concerts.
                 b. A sign-in sheet is prepared for each concert program and includes all scheduled rehearsals and performances. Please initial in the box by your name for each rehearsal date. No one can initial for someone else. The Music Director will speak to you if you miss two rehearsals.
                 c. Dress rehearsals are MANDATORY. Singers who miss the dress rehearsal will not be allowed to perform in the concert.
                 d. Exceptions to these guidelines must be approved individually by the Music Director.

          3. Each NPAS member is not only a singer, but also a financial supporter. Membership dues are $150 per season and may be paid in one or two instalments prior to the first concert. NPAS has a policy of reducing or waiving fees for anyone unable to pay. Those singers should bring their requests to the Treasurer. Dues must be paid by the third rehearsal of the season.

                                        Rehearsal Etiquette


      1. Be on time. Rehearsals begin at 7:00 PM. Be in your seat early. Every singer’s time lost impacts the group. For example if 12 members are 5 minutes late at some point, an entire hour of rehearsal is wasted.

      2. Bring music and a pencil to every rehearsal.

      3. Use your pencil in rehearsal annotating so that mistakes are not repeated.

      4. Talking should be kept to a minimum with most comments directed to the conductor.

      5. Fellowship is wonderful when enjoyed in an appropriate and timely fashion. Choral members should learn to enjoy camaraderie before and after rehearsal and during rehearsal breaks. Too much fellowship during rehearsal times will result in a lack of focus.

      6. Prepare music in advance whenever given the opportunity.

      7. No gum during rehearsal and keep water in a sealable container.

      8. Turn off your cell phone before entering the rehearsal area.

      9. Please do not refresh cologne, perfume, lotion, or other scents before attending rehearsal.

                                               Stage Etiquette

      1. In consideration of other singers with allergies or sensitive noses, singers are asked not to wear perfume, cologne, shave lotion, or other scents (deodorant is encouraged, however).

      2. Music must be hole punched and carried in a black folder.

      3. During solos in the concert, singers should keep their focus out into the audience and NOT follow along in their music.

      4. No talking on stage during the concert.

      5. Turn off all cell phones and beepers.

                                                    Music Return Policy
Music must be returned to NPAS within 30 days of the concert. Following these 30 days an invoice will be sent to the singer for the cost of the music. Future membership in NPAS will be withheld if the invoice is unpaid.

Singer Rehearsal Info:

During the concert season, rehearsals are every Monday 7-9 pm at First United Methodist Church, 203 North Jefferson Ave., Covington unless otherwise indicated.

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